Steps on how to eat stone crabs

One of the most mouthwatering delicacies available that are favorite by many is eating stone crabs. They are quite expensive and are present in Florida and any southern state. One of the reasons they’re costly is since in many areas where they inhabit. The fishers who collect them do not take the whole crab and sell it on the market.

 What is a Stone Crab?

 A stone crab is like other crustaceans and fish, is healthy with a low-calorie source of protein. They have minerals and vitamins that are needed for a healthy body. The female stone crab has a more remarkable back and head compared to a male stone crab. Yet in contrast, the male stone crab evolves much larger crab claws rather than the females.

The stone crab doesn’t have a brilliant red bottom unlike other types of crab. They either have a brownish-red or blackish coloring. That has a lot of gray spots dotted along its body. There are also dark-colored tips on their claws. Sometimes, stone crabs can have red or orange color underbellies and also have black dots that are present in their body.

Learn how to eat stone crab

  1. Crab claw must be boiled. For the finest stone crab claws, this must be done quickly after catching. Boil for about 8 minutes based on size. Then submerge the claw into cold water to stop the process of cooking.
  2. To serve it best, let it cool.
  3. You have to crack into your stone crab claw shell, hold your crab claw in one hand. And the other to pound the shell about three times until it breaks. Normally, you’ll like to use a wooden mallet, yet you can use also the spoon.
  4. The stone crab claw must be flipped and hit again three times.
  5. Take away the meat. The shell must be cracked and loose that the outer shell pulls off with ease. To peel the shell away, use your fingers to take the meat inside.
  6. Grip the crab claw using the pincer and soak it into a flavorful sauce. Then you can enjoy eating your food.

Stone crabs are extremely delicious food. People harvest one crab claw if they harvest stone crabs. Then have the live crab back to the ocean, to generate another claw within a year. This is the reason why a stone crab is costly. Stone crabs are known as warm water crustaceans. They enjoy living around the Bahamas, Florida, and even Cuba.