How to Prepare For Hamilton If You’re Watching It For The First Time

How to Prepare For Hamilton If You’re Watching It For The First Time

Watching Hamilton the musical is one of the best experiences you can get by watching any musical. That is because Lin-Manuel Miranda has done a great job writing all the songs in the musical, and making it about one of the revolutionary leaders of American history.

However, since Hamilton is no ordinary musical, you will have to make special preparations in order to watch it. Especially, if you is your first time you’re of the Hamilton musical, you might not be able to understand most of the lines if you do not make preparations in advance.

Listen or Watch The Recorded Show Beforehand

If you are preparing to visit Broadway to watch the Hamilton music, you should watch the recorded version of this show first. If you are planning to take a family member with you as well, ask them to watch the show as well. This is important as most of the show is sung, and without knowing the lyrics, no one would be able to understand the musical fully the first time they watch it.

Hamilton music

You can get the recorded version of the Hamilton musical on platforms like Disney+ and YouTube. You can also play the recorded version whenever you drive to work. This way, you will understand the lyrics easily whenever you watch the Hamilton musical in person. While watching the show, familiarize yourself with all the characters to increase your understanding even further.

Arrive Early

Another great trip you should follow if you are visiting the Hamilton musical for the first time is that you should arrive early to the scene. That is because Hamilton attracts huge crowds, and if you wait till the last minute, you might miss the starting.